Will Future Cars “See” Motorcycles Better?

computer car

Car companies are heralding the day when the industry produces a “zero fatality” automobile. ¬†That’s right, aside from a meteor falling on you while driving down the expressway, the automobile industry believes that in the next 10 to 20 years,… Continue Reading


A Texas Judge Reject Plea Deal for Blind Motorist

Trena Mitchell, who is legally blind, is accused of causing the death of Richard Craig ” Hat Trick” Schroeder, in December when she pulled out in his path. ¬†Mitchell who has been cited before for driving without a license, had… Continue Reading


Liberty Is Imperiled When Men Hide Behind Bad Laws

When taping your own traffic stop becomes illegal

[facebook_ilike] By: Scott Cochran, Editor Last March Anthony Graber was riding his Ducati in Maryland on I-95 in an illegal and unsafe manner. That is not disputed. In fact, Graber was recording himself with a video camera on his helmet.… Continue Reading