Three Russian Dash Cams Capture Horrific Motorcycle Crash


WARNING! Graphic Video of three different dash cams from Russian drivers who caught this inexplicable motorcycle accident on video. What makes this so crazy is there’s no reason for the motorcycle operator to do what he apparently did.


Motorcycle Hits Pedestrians at Roar on The Shore

The Roar on the Shore was this past weekend and by all accounts it was a successful event with everyone reporting a good time.  Everyone except these pedestrians who were struck by a motorcyclist and thankfully were not seriously injured.… Continue Reading


Yamaha Recalls 2011 FJR1300 Brake Switch

  Vehicle Make / Model: Yamaha / FJR1300      Model Year(s): 2011 Manufacture: Yamaha Motor Corp., USA           Mfr’s Report Date: June 24, 2011 NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 11V340000      NHTSA Action Nmber: N/A… Continue Reading