One Man’s Journey for 50 Legs in 50 Weeks


(Tampa, FL) – Steve Chamberland doesn’t just want to get a leg up-he wants to get 50 legs out and on patients in need, in 50 weeks.  Professional wrestler and gold medal-winning shot putter, and Fitness Expert. Chamberland is putting… Continue Reading


When the Handlebars Are in Your Hands


I was asked this question this past weeekend: What would I tell new riders to help keep them safe? Just because you have that motorcycle endorsement and you have that new bike doesn’t mean you know everything. It’s the beginning… Continue Reading


The Ride Across America Part 1

Hey, scooter trash, it’s time to saddle up! Summer is coming at us fast and it’s time to start thinking about a long sweet ride. I have a great story to tell you about a journey from South Carolina to… Continue Reading