Confrontation Between Biker and Motorist Turns Out Bad for The Biker

Russians record everything, especially in traffic. So, with that said, if you’re going to get in an altercation with a fellow motorists, there’s a better than even chance that if you get your ass beat, someone will post it to… Continue Reading


Motorcyclist T-Bones SUV Driver Making Illegal Left Turn

This YouTube video, captured by a traffic camera and uploaded by the Excelsior Springs MO Police department shows 20-year-old Britt Hamilton striking the front end of  an SUV when it turned left in front of him at the intersection of  Crown Hill… Continue Reading


Is this the future of Motorcycles?

Ryno Motors wants to be the motorcycle of the future, or rather the unicycle of the future.  The genesis of the Ryno one-wheeled electric motorcycle can be traced back to a moment when Chris Hoffman’s daughter asked if he could build something like what… Continue Reading


Biker Chics Video Showcase Riding and Styling Talents

Wow!  CHYNNA CHAMELEON… a beautiful Harley Davidson riding southern California native makes us wish (like the Beach Boys once sang) they all could be California girls…


What You’ll Hear When You Test Ride The New Indian


Most brands don’t give you a full fledged sales pitch at the demo rides.  Indian, on the other hand, takes advantage of the opportunity to inform their prospective customers of  the benefits and features of the brand.    As the… Continue Reading


Somehow You Knew This Wasn’t Going to End Well

1 accident

Motorcycle patrolmen know the risks of working in traffic, but it seems this patrol man forgot the rule of size. If you’re smaller than everything else on the roadway, you’d better learn to be quicker. Graphic content.