Funny Caption Contest for September Issue

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While there might not be anything inherently humorous in this candid shot, taken during Bike Week in Daytona almost 10 years ago, we’re sure if you try, you can add just the right caption to highlight the funny.


Funny Caption Contest for August

What's your best caption?

Sometimes even the most mundane photos can be spiced up with just the right caption.  We think this is one.  Comment below or on our Facebook page and we’ll send the winner a cool collectible hat from USRiderNews, suitable for… Continue Reading


Funny Caption Contest

Don't Look Ethel!!!

You Should Always Check the mirror before you leave the camper.  You might forget something!  Enter your best caption here or on Facebook and we’ll send the funniest one (as chosen by our editors) a FREE collectible, USRiderNews cap!  Hurry,… Continue Reading


Funny Caption Contest

We received this image from Strip Club Choppers as a part of a recent photo shoot.  And while it’s obvious the girl has talent, we know our readers and fans will come up with some pretty funny photo captions.  The… Continue Reading