Play By The Rules Senator Lautenberg


Power. n. “The energy or motive force by which a physical system or machine is operated;” or “A person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others.” In 1887 the English Catholic historian Lord Acton said, ““Power tends… Continue Reading


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Trademarked…Should You Care?

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The arrival of August signals the beginning of the end of the summer for many motorcyclists. And, the biggest motorcycle event in the summer is Sturgis Bike Week. Making the pilgrimage to the Black Hills is a rite of passage… Continue Reading


Pimping the Georgia State Patrol


It was my intention to write this editorial AFTER I returned from Daytona Bike Week. You know what they say about “good intentions” right?  There’s a road paved to you-know-where with them, and sometimes in this business I feel like… Continue Reading


When NOBLE Takes Over Your Life


By Scott Cochran, Editor I was tempted to dig through the morgue where we keep our back issues to see how many times I’ve written an editorial on helmets. But then I realized this rant isn’t about helmets, it’s more… Continue Reading


Loud Pipes Are An Expression, Not Safety Equipment

Loud Exhaust; Safety or Expression?

By Scott Cochran, Editor This will, in all probability, be the most unpopular editorial I have written in the ten years of puking out ink in this space. I don’t know any other way to say it, but I’m throwing… Continue Reading


Zoning Board vs Harley-Davidson Dealer


There must be something in my DNA that enjoys a good fight, or rather hates to see people being bullied. I’ll fire off a Letter to the Editor in a heartbeat and more often as not, stick my nose in… Continue Reading


Liberty Is Imperiled When Men Hide Behind Bad Laws

When taping your own traffic stop becomes illegal

[facebook_ilike] By: Scott Cochran, Editor Last March Anthony Graber was riding his Ducati in Maryland on I-95 in an illegal and unsafe manner. That is not disputed. In fact, Graber was recording himself with a video camera on his helmet.… Continue Reading


Quick Fact on Fringe.. Practical or Fashion Statement?


By: John Turner. In times not so long ago, fashion statements in clothing were the exclusive province of the wealthy, the well heeled, the aristocratic breed if you will. For us mere peasants the idea of clothing was more utilitarian… Continue Reading