Leann Tweets; “I might be having a perfect day.”


Say what you want to about the paparazzi, but if were not for their tireless efforts, the rest of America would never get to see that even famous singers can be just as down to earth as the rest of us.… Continue Reading


Multi-Talented Soccer Star Show Texting and Riding Skill

Beckham is "bending" the rules.. 
Image: Splash

Who needs two hands on the handlebars?  Certainly not David Beckham, who was photographed by Hollywood paparazzi on his custom motorcycle recently in Mailbu California checking his cell phone in traffic. The 37 year old dad, who’s wife, Victoria, gave birth… Continue Reading


Wynonna Judd’s Husband Loses Leg in Motorcycle Accident


Wynonna Judd‘s husband and drummer Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser‘s left leg was amputated above the knee following a motorcycle accident on Saturday in South Dakota.  According to published reports the couple was riding separate motorcycles on US Hwy 16 near Deadwood… Continue Reading


History’s Mystery. Where is The Harley Elvis Gave Up To Pricilla in 1971

The King split with Pricilla in 1972.  4 short years later, he was dead.

Admittedly we didn’t do a lot of research into this, but last night at an auction in Texas, the official 1972 divorce papers between Elvis and Pricilla Presley hidden away for nearly 20 years, came to the block and were… Continue Reading


Ignore The Porn Star When You’re Doing Dangerous Stunts

jessica drake

Recuperating in the hospital with a busted spleen, Steve Butler probably feels a little stupid right now.  Earlier this week, Butler was in Australia training for an upcoming show at Sexpo, the world’s largest Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle exhibition, when porn… Continue Reading


Rumor Mill Busted; Tom Cruise Not In Wreck

Tom Cruise rides Cameron Diaz on set of Knight and Day

Ben Franklin said, “Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.” Advice that’s well worth heeding when it comes to celebrities and rumors of their motorcycle accidents. Yesterday, August 26th, the blogsphere was all abuzz… Continue Reading


Brad to Angelina; Here’s the Keys Baby, Ride Safe!


Nothing says I Love You and I forgive you for those naked pictures quite like a new set of wheels and according to the Hollywood tabloids Brad Pitt surprised his megastar actress life partner, Angelina Jolie with a new motorcycle on her 35th birthday.… Continue Reading


Spy shots of Ducati’s Fat Tire Cruiser


A few weeks ago the website Motoblog.it snagged a few pictures of the new, never before seen Ducati Mega Monster motorcycle.  Reports have surfaced that Ducati has shown a Mega Monster prototype to a consumer research panel in SoCal in… Continue Reading


A Mullet for “Machine Gun Preacher” Star

gerald butler

You might remember Gerald Butler as the paramour of Friends” actress Jennifer Anniston.  Or not.  If you’re not a celebrity hound, that tidbit of gossip may have passed you by, as it did us.  But, a new movie starring Butler… Continue Reading


Reality Star Healing After Motorcycle Tumble


Dean McDermott,Reality TV Star of the Oxygen Network show ‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’, is recovering after a wreck on a dirt bike put him in the ICU in the hospital with a punctured lung July 1st.  McDermott is out of… Continue Reading