WSP Police Drop BMW for Honda Motorcycles


Ninety years ago, the Washington State Patrol was formed with troopers riding Indian motorcycles. The iconic bikes were replaced in recent years with BMW motorcycles for the state’s 43 troopers that ride on two wheels. Now, those troopers are getting new rides: the WSP… Continue Reading


Indian Releases Concept Bike In Sturgis


Indian might not be releasing any official information about the concept bike they unveiled on Friday in Sturgis, and might be hoping instead to generate a buzz by playing their cards close to the vest.   Interesting concept. Additionally they… Continue Reading


Indian Reports Sales Up 80%

Indian sales are up 80% from 2009

Indian Motorcycle Company is on the verge of its third model year since its resurrection into the market in late2008 and the company says it’s growing despite the nation’s economic woes. “We are delighted with our retail sales growth, expanding… Continue Reading