Neale Bayly in South Africa Day 2

Rode out to Cape Point along the eastern route. Heavy weather set in with rain and cloud for most of the day. The Cape was still spectacular, and still an amazing feeling to literally stand at the end of Africa. We took the obligatory pictures at the Cape of Good Hope and battled torrential rain back into Capetown. Still spectacular and between dodging baboons, and stopping in fascinating small towns to look for Penguins, there were no complaints when made it to our hotel. Hoping for a dry day tomorrow.  See Day One Photos

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  1. Not the greatest show,however these riders were brought on for conceivable appropriations,so that is great.It additionally reveals insight into poverty.In any case,I'd rather watch an awful motorcycle show than a decent MTV show with a bundle of bitchy twenty somethings who think they know everything.
    -Linda Smith.

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