Trooper Hits Bikers: No Charges Filed

Authorities are not saying what caused Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Jacob Daymon to slam into Corey and Amy Waldman's motorcycle  on US 35 at 9:45 pm on August 17th of this year.   Just released dashcam footage shows Daymon didn't slow or even appear to see the couple before the crash.

There's no audio to this video, but its been speculated that Daymon must have been distracted, either from texting or looking down at something in his cruiser.

Fortunately both riders are going to live, although Amy Waldlan required emergency helicopter transportation to the local trauma unit to save her life.

At this time Daymon has not been charged with anything and wasn't even interrogated until 4 days after the accident.

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  1. The officer should receive some form of punishment, as we would if we were not in control of our vehicle (for whatever reason) and hit someone from behind causing bodily damage.
    I believe that the officer's insurance should cover all medical and bike damage costs with his OWN insurance, not that of the state (so the citizens of the state wouldn't have to pay for it).
    He should be before the court and suspended without pay pending investigation.

  2. are computers in cruisers really needed, i think not they seemed to b able to do there job just fine with a dispatcher over the radio in the car

  3. I don't want to imply any blame on the victim… but if you are out on a bike at night, without reflective clothing – you don't even see that little ODOT reflector sticker on back of the helmet — then you just aren't being careful. You watch the film with the night vision camera, of course the tail light on the bike looks like it's a giant torch, and all the light of the cruiser headlghts reflecting back shows up when you freeze the frame or watch in slo-mo, but there is no freeze frame in real life. Motor cycle has only tail light – because of that it's hard to tell the distance and how fast you are closing in from behind. That's standard stuff covered in basic rider school. Cop just didn't see them. It happens. Another reason why when you're on the bike, you've got to keep an eye on what's going on behind you as well as in front.

  4. That video is so horrendous to watch. I saw it once, and then when it looped and repeated the collision, I scrolled down the page so I wouldn't see it again. What an awful crash; so glad that the two riders will recover. This never should have happened. It's a no brainer that the trooper was distracted in some way.

  5. I think this cop should have the book thrown at him. He was not under lights and Irene's and mowed them down from behind. He needs to do jail time just like anyone else would.

  6. Wow a similar incident happened to my mother on long island NY years ago. She was driving to work and it was raining and when she was getting on the parkway her car slid, 3 other cars stopped and an off duty city cop, miles from his home in the other direction of his home or work, driving an unmarked city police car slammed into her car at about 80mph in a 55mph zone. If he would've hit her 1 foot closer to the front she would've been dead, the side rear seat was pushed halfway across the car and they gave her a ticket for failure to control her car and he went on disability for a knee injury, my mother had neck and shoulder injuries. There was no investigation he should of at least had his blood alcohol level checked as witnesses said he seemed to be under the influence, he also never attempted to brake.

  7. This trooper needs to lose his job , benefits and pension , then serve a lengthy prison term .

  8. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly sick this makes me. My husband & I ride as well so I can only say that I know it is your worst fear. My thoughts & prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. As for the cop…all I can say is I hope he's punished.

  9. probably drunk. That is the only excuse that seems logical. wait 4 days before you interview him to get all traces of alcohol out of his system.

  10. Officers are allowed to be on their cell if it is in direct relation to their job.

    However, if this is the result of cell phone usage, even if on the job, the "exemption" should be elimiated.

    I think the trooper had highway hypnosis. Easy to get on those roads at night.

  11. Something should be done.I was at the scene this weekend truck verses motorcycle. unfortunately , he didn't make it and the passenger is in ICU with multiple injuries,wasn't a pretty sight,

  12. 4 Days before even being questioned? This is bullshit.There are petitions demanding investigations look into other abuses of authority, there needs to be one for this. And what a moron, the trooper asks if they are alright. His first words should be "Don't move,. help is on the way." then get on the radio calling for ambulance, not check on the damage to his car. Something tells me this is not the first time he's hit something while driving.

  13. Why was he going so much faster than the bike, I can imagine that the bike was at least going the limit.

  14. I agree with teresa about putting cams in the cruisers..they should be responsible for all their actions after all They work for us don't they?

  15. So, if you are a cop, and you run over( a damn dirty biker), IT'S ALL GOOD? They shouldn't have been on his road? This is where the foreign countries are different. In many foreign nations, if you claim you didn't see the person on a motorcycle, you just admitted to a crime!! Especially if you are a "professional driver" which is what Americans are considered in foreign lands. That means you just confessed to a crime, because you are responsible for being in control of the vehicle at all times!!

  16. I don't think he's looking at the damage to his car, First thing I thought was that the person may have been stuck under there… And for some reason, he ran up on the bike pretty quickly even though the white lines aren't moving by very quickly… there's more to this story

  17. But if the tables were turned, and some guy in a car rammed into a cop riding bike from behind, that guy would be in jail by now. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE!

  18. I'll bet the attorney that files suit subpoenas that cop's phone records as well as his cruiser's computer history. That'll explain why he "didn't see" the bike directly in front of his speeding cruiser!

  19. Thats bs and I think someone should hunt that officer down and run him over with a big a$$ truck and put him in the hospital.

  20. Cronyism is rampant in law enforcement and anyone who says otherwise is only lying to themselves. .

    The rest of us "civvies" know it's true. If you are seriously upset about this, look up Ohio State Highway Patrol on Google, then send them and email, or contact them via phone. . the info is listed there. . While I realize everyone makes mistakes, this was unconscionable. .

  21. tis shit happens all the time and they can come up with a million excuses why its not there fault and then they use our money to buy the victims off

  22. they should put dash cams inside the cruisers so we can see these troopers texing/or typing on their computers

  23. If the couple had hit a motor officer, you can bet your ass they would still be in jail, after being drug/alcohol tested, cell phone confiscated, and charges being filed!

  24. he didn't even show he really cared much care more about his car wow really my heart goes out to the fellow bikers that he did this too and that officer sould be charged with this and have to pay the couples hospital bills as well as pain and suffing and buy them a new Harley I think…
    😮 :@

  25. I've been in law enforcement for 16 yrs and I've never seen a officer receive any special treatment its' almost the opposite because municipalities will let you hang to cover them self for law suits you will find out as a cop if you do something wrong your on your own.
    my little sister was killed in a car wreck 08/02/2012 were she was the passenger on a bike in Allen county ks and the girl that pulled out in front off her and her fiancé wasn't even given a ticket and the county attorney said he could not find any fault but I have dead sister and a brother in-law with no right leg

  26. my question is why is the cop checking the front car??????? the car is not important, the main important is people, making sure they get the attention first. I wouldnt worry about the car, period!!!! and I even notice the driving was swerving back and forth few times. there was plenty of time to notice the motorcycle before halt but he didnt. you can see 15 feet away with headlights on that enough time to see and slow down or pull away before hitting them. but nope seem the trooper wasnt looking at all.

  27. Sorry abt the spelling mistakes ..I just get a little upset when I see stuff like this!! Our gov't needs some major help in all areas!! Yes, I do vote!!


  29. If i was riding my bike on dark roads like that road, I would have had better lights on my bike! With that said an investigation should have been done immediately! Along with blood test and phone records pulled! But alas we all know its a good old boys club!

  30. as an ex-cop, he was taken for a drug/alcohol test immediately after this accident. He was also placed on leave pending the outcome. he provided a written statement that night (possibly with union rep present)after testing came back neg, he was thoroughly questioned. i do take very strong issue with him checking the car for "injuries" 1st. if he was checking computer……………….while on his way to investigate that prowler around your house near your wife/daughter/mother's bedroom,…………………….would you want him to stop pull over and check the MDT to find out that the prowler just became a verified intruder……………dont think so

  31. From the video, it looks like he checked on the damage to his car BEFORE he went to check on the condition of the those he hit. That alone should warrant discipline.

  32. He should be charged just like as if it happened to one of us civilions.You know they would have arrested any one of us for not having your vehicle under control.I hope they sue the state of Ohio and receive enough money to take care of all there needs.God Bless this couple that the good Lord let them survive.

  33. Cops should not be able to text or talk or be on computer for any reason, until someone is killed then it will be law.someone has to die for it to change….sickening.Picture it being your son or daughter.Yeah…..big difference!!

  34. Civil Court is their opportunity for redress since the criminal court system has been corrupted.

  35. I love how the media always throws the helmet card in there. If they weren't run the fuck over they wouldn't of needed a fuckin helmet.

  36. I have been pulled over for talking on my phone and had to wait for the officer to finish his call to come write me a ticket!!

  37. barely a month, if it would have been some other than an officer they would have already had charges on them and every one knows this is true.

  38. This was barely a month ago. The investigation takes time whether a trooper hit them or some drunk. Jezus, bunch of haters!

  39. OK, let's get real here. the Trooper f'd up. If he was texting (and there is no evidence that he was, this is just stupid speculation) then he deserves what he gets. Most likely he was looking at his computer in the patrol vehicle for information an a call or receiving a call. You don't pull over to do that, it would be nice, but it is not reality. He will not get away with this whatever the cause, so quit your bitching! there will be an investigation just like any other crash and if he is at fault (he definitely was!!) he will be punished. He will most likely be sued, successfully, and he will lose money or his job. Bottom line is this was an accident. An avoidable one for sure, but still an accident. There was no malicious activity. The department needs to find what distracted him and take actions to prevent future incidents. If he was typing on his MDT (police computer) then his dept should have had a policy against that. If he was reading a message on it, that is a hazard that we in LE deal with every day. Enroute to a call, we can't pull over to read every update that comes across the screen or we would never get to the call. That said, he was at fault, and I wish the best for the couple and that the department handles this correctly with corrective action appropriate for the incident.

  40. i think its a good possibility that he was blinded by on coming traffic and did not see the motorcycle so i think it was totally accidental i dont agree with waiting 4 days to ask questions that should have been done on scene

  41. As someone is who supposed to enforce the laws we the common people must follow then the law applies equally to all or does not apply to none… Other than the minor consequences of first loosing his job, being charged with reckless driving, Traveling at an unsafe speed while texting/computer, Some kind of charge for use of a deadly weapon (Car could have killed them) and he needs to serve some kind of sentence… Of course since this is good ol boys they will keep this internally and no one outside of law enforcement will ever know the details….

  42. It is certain that he was pre occupied as not to see this couple on the bike, Come on he never hit the brakes or swerved left or right….

  43. this is utterly ridiculous it is a serious situation and for all involved… investigation just like any other driver out there should be in place…. what if he killed them?? still no investigation and charges???

  44. this is so wrong on many levels, if it had been anyone else they would be in jail or have a heck of a ticket. GOOD OLE BOY rules again.

  45. I am a soldier and a rider and in NY right now! I see police officers all the time on there phone here and they are not held accountable. I think it is ridiculous that it took so long for an investigation! It sounds like a good case of the Good Ole Boys Club to me. If this officer gets away with this. I would have to say that no one is safe in Ohio to ride! That is SCARY!!

  46. I have a problem with him not being interrogated until 4 days after the incident. From the early part of the video it almost looks like the officer veers a little bit but because I am not familiar with the road I cannot say if it was the road or not. In the county I live in if an officer is involved in any accident it is immediately investigated so I do not understand this at all. If the officer was texting or talking on his cellphone then he should be charged just like any other person would have been. The video clearly shows that he did not even attempt to slow down or attempt to go around them…

  47. true they should pull phone records an they can also tell if he was on computer witch should be the same as texting

  48. I was in Law Enforcement and I'll tell you, we weren't let off scott free for anything we did wrong!!! There were always consequences!!! There had best be some major investigating done to see why he didn't slow down!!! If he was texting, or on the phone, he should be terminated! If he was checking his computer, then he should've pulled off the side of the road, and should receive repercussions!!! They are supposed to set the example!!!!

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