Warlocks Rising; A Discovery Channel Special

chapter FOREVER(NEW YORK, NY) – Take a ride with the Warlocks Motorcycle Club as Discovery enters the secret brotherhood of a notorious biker club in Florida. With its members struggling to balance family and club life, WARLOCKS RISING gives a never-before-seen look at this unpredictable subculture Friday, July 5 at 9 PM ET/PT.

WARLOCKS RISING goes inside The Warlocks, one of the country’s most infamous 1% motorcycle clubs.  The 1% moniker stems from a controversial quote from the American Motorcycle Association stating that 99% of all motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens, implying that 1% were not.  Today, 1% motorcycle clubs are considered outlaws by law enforcement and the government.  Despite this reputation and risk, these Warlocks members devote their loyalty to the club, putting brotherhood above all else; no risk is too great.  But this loyalty is the root cause of their biggest conflict – attempting to balance family life with the violent subculture the Warlocks live in. Each episode follows this group of bikers as they struggle to solve their personal problems while staying true to the Warlocks’ 1% life. But in the end, each of them must choose to make sacrifices to pay the price for the freedom they desire.

Here are bios of the lead Warlocks who appear on the show:

  •  Contender – The boss of the Warlock mother chapter, he is one of the most respected and experienced bikers. Contender is a constant target for rival clubs and requires security at all times. Contender has lived through bombings, rival wars, ATF infiltration and take downs.
  • Slob Rob – Slob Rob has been an associate with the Warlocks for close to 25-years. He is an outspoken club member and family man. Slob hails from a family of law enforcement officers but has chosen a different path and hasnasty warlock been arrested 37 times, though never convicted.
  • Troy – The Vice President of the Clearwater Warlock Chapter, Troy deals with most of the problems within the chapter. Growing up on an exotic animal range, he got his first real motorcycle at nine. Troy doesn’t drink or do drugs, but takes a no fear approach to life.
  • Shotgun – Shotgun got his first street bike at 16. He bounced around several different motorcycle clubs, but took a break from the biker lifestyle to go to bible school for 5 years.
  • Danbo – The National Secretary/Treasurer for The Warlocks handles all the club’s bookkeeping. Despite being subject to several FBI raids on his house and club records, the FBI could never find anything on him.  Danbo is also a bounty hunter on the side and has been shot twice.
  • Phil Z – National Vice President of The Warlocks. His fascination with bikers started at age six when his mother moved in with a Hell Angels member. Phil Z is a ladies man, avid surfer and rides his bike standing on the seat at 80-mph.

warlockWARLOCKS RISING is produced for Discovery by  Discovery Studios. Stuart Schonfeld, Cameron P. Casey, Eddie Barbini, and Brian Knappmiller are executive producers.

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  3. 5,000 miles??? …in a year???
    Wow.. and you call yourself a biker?
    I do 20,000 miles minimum a year, sometimes I break into the 40K range
    I do not live in a nice warm state, but good Ole Massachusetts, I ride year round, rain snow, hot or cold..and I do a lot of charity rides and rolling thunder each year..
    These wanna be "bikers" who can't even ride more then 200 miles a day are are a joke and would never warrent there own TV show.. but you do have something very close, those idiots on devils ride..

  4. what a frickin joke, Warlocks getting ready to retire trying to make some money

  5. At lest their making money as TV stars like me.Hell discovery pays well..

  6. Hey , Mickey Mouse hear , Just wanted to sat Hi to some make believe bikers.

  7. there is nothjing wrong with airing shows that depict this kind of biker lifestyle,if thats the image these clubs want to portray,then expect law enforcement and so on not to bother them,now if you want to show these types of biker portrayals how about doing a show about what other bikers do,I ride,i consider myself a biker,i live by the biker code,but i will always remain an independent rider,if discovery channel wants to document what other bikers do i invite them to ohio to ride along side us when we do charity rides for kids who are abused and murdered as a rider for BAANC(bikers against abused and neglected children)when we take teddy bears to hospitals sponsored by the catholic knights of columbus(kofc)when we support veterans and ride in the fallen heros rides,and lead the parade to bring the traveling vietnam wall replica to town,when we ride to raise money for batens disease,breast cancer,prostate cancer,lukiemia,ect. last year alone i rode 5000 miles about 2500 of those were for these causes.and more so discovery channel how about you do a documentary or show about what we also do as bikers who portray a positive image of the biker community as well

  8. Even outlaw bikers want their 15 minutes of fame in our reality tv crazed times.

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