Company Develops Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle Gloves

Beartek Bluetooth gloves for skiing or motorcycle use

We wear gloves to protect us.  We listen to music on long rides to entertain us.  If we want to do both, then we have a problem.  Your phone is tucked neatly away, and the gloves make it difficult to quickly retrieve it.  Now, you don't have to.

Using Bluetooth and a new patent-pending glove technology, you can easily control your music and phone calls by simply touching your fingers together.  Answer that call, or change the song, and leave the phone in your pocket!

BEARTek has innovated protective gloves that allow remote access and control of target devices. These feature-rich gloves allow users to conveniently and safely control their Bluetooth enabled smart phone functions such as music and phone calls. Simple touches of the thumb to the appropriate finger will activate the desired function on the target device. The removable module on the back of the glove can be used with any of the future series of BEARTek gloves. You can also control music and calls without taking your hands away from key safety controls. An interchangeable module allows you to own as many different kinds of BEARTek glove as you want, and still only have purchased one electronic device. New features means only 1 new module, not replacing all of your gloves.

To get in on the ground floor, the Columbia Missouri company has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can help bring these gloves to the public and get your own pair before anyone else!

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