NYPD Loses Seven Motorcycles Seized As Evidence

New York NY:  You can seize them, but you can’t always keep them.  That is, if you’re the NYPD.

In July, the department seized 60 high end motorcycles as evidence in a motorcycle and gun trafficking ring.  in late August,  7 of those motorcycle were then stolen from a Bronx NYPD parking lot.  The clueless cops said the lot was fenced, but not locked and the bikes were stored in a box van with their batteries removed, and the wheels locked to make them harder to steal.

More at the Gothamist

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  1. They will definitely find someone to blame. It's impossible for them to admit this it police's fault. As usually proved their incompetence. No wonder there is a big discussion why trust level to police is so low.

  2. OMG! Who is gonna take the blame for this one? How do the police LOSE evidence? Especially when it weighs 800 lbs?

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