Georgia Cop Arrested Exceeding 100 mph On Motorcycle

butts co

An Atlanta area off duty cop was arrested Thanksgiving night for excessive speed.  According to a report in the AJC, Clayton PD officer David Eugene Carter was being followed by a unmarked Butt’s Co Sheriff’s SUV when the police officer… Continue Reading


Victory Cross Country Tour


A mischievous grin split my face as I approached the empty intersection a mile from my house.  Poor planning years ago had turned what should’ve been a mundane 3 way city intersection, into a quarter mile twisty motorcycle launch pad.… Continue Reading


Thunder Beach Changes Autumn 2012 Dates


Panama City Beach:  Thunder Beach Productions has announced that while the  Spring 2012 dates will be the same as always, still attached to the 1st Sunday of May, the autumn rally is moving ahead one week in an attempt to show… Continue Reading


Historic Collection Up for Auction


Dupont.  It’s a name associated with chemicals, and very old money.   And if the press release is to be believed, the family owns one of the most important collections of motorcycles to come to market in years. Motorcycle historians will… Continue Reading


Ignore The Porn Star When You’re Doing Dangerous Stunts

jessica drake

Recuperating in the hospital with a busted spleen, Steve Butler probably feels a little stupid right now.  Earlier this week, Butler was in Australia training for an upcoming show at Sexpo, the world’s largest Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle exhibition, when porn… Continue Reading


What Would You Do?

beer stunt

The producers of this beer commercial borrowed a  small 150 seat cinema playing a popular film, and filled 148 of  its seats with Sons Of Anarchy looking bikers, leaving only two  free seats in the middle of the theater. They then allowed  theater… Continue Reading


The Prince Picks a Harley and Heads to Vegas

Photo by Nick Stern, used from www.dailymail.co.uk

England’s Prince Harry lit up the British tabloids this weekend when the news surfaced of him renting a Harley-Davidson Softtail Classic and hitting the road for a weekend party in Vegas, and hooking up with an unidentified 20-year-old blonde.  Just… Continue Reading


Cruelty Charge Dropped For Riding With Dog in The Rain

Bosco posing on his p-pad.

A Marlboro New Jersey man paid $449 in fines and court costs for riding in the rain with his Boston terrier “Bosco” sitting on a platform behind the windshield.  Gyula Szatmari was originally cited for cruelty to animals, authorities changed the… Continue Reading


Stunt Bike Drifting


As impressive as this is, I’m pretty sure the Ride Like A Pro guys could do this course on a full Harley dresser, and without burning any rubber!  But, I have to admit, the rolling burnout at the end was… Continue Reading


This Roadsmith Joker Trike is Wild!


White Bear Lake, MN (November 9, 2011) – Each month Roadsmith selects a special “Trike of the Month” to celebrate the amazing modifications that their customers perform on their trikes… and November’s trike is a real show stopper. This month’s winner… Continue Reading