Wire Plus Introduces New Custom Production Bike Power and Lighting Control Modules

Winfield, KS- Wire Plus Powersports Electronics is proud to introduce their new, state-of-the-art “power and lighting control modules” for many of the custom production motorcycles that are no longer being manufactured. Finding parts are hard to find for these custom production bikes, but now you can go to Wire Plus for all of your electrical needs. This is the perfect fix for all custom bike owners tired of not being able to start their bike due to electrical problems. Each kit comes complete with Wire Plus’ proven power module and switch control module configured to work with the ground input switches used on the factory bike.


These replacement modules work with all of the switches used on all of the following models…

American Iron Horse

American Performance Cycle/APC

Apollo Choppers

Big Bear Choppers

Big Dog

Brass Balls Choppers

CCI Kit Bikes


Covington Cycle City

Create A Custom Cycle

Custom Works

DD Customs




Edmondson Custom Built


Wire-Plus products are built to survive the rugged urban environment. Their products feature vibration resistant, solid-state breaker technology (the breakers never have to be replaced) and a replaceable start relay that can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Their power modules are submersible waterproof and very compact in size with harnesses that are engineered to be smaller than any other on the market. The lighting control module controls the operation of the front, rear turn signals, and provides load equalization and auto cancelling.  It also operates the rear turn signals as brake lights and running lights with one wire hook-up. Wire Plus’ main focus is on the reliability of everything that they manufacture.


Don Bromlow, National Sales Manager for Wire Plus stated, “We have added ring terminals; butt splices, and wire to the kits to make the hook-up of the ground wires easier. We have also added wire and butt splices for the wires that have more than one wire going to a pin. Combining more than one wire in a pin could compromise the weatherproof qualities of the DEUTSCH connectors. We recommend using a DEUTSCH crimper when making the connections and have these available as well.


For those interested in obtaining more information on Wire Plus, you can reach them at (620) 221-2417 or check them out online at www.wire-plus.com or email them at sales@wire-plus.com


Power Control Module



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  1. a power control module need some electrical things. if all the electrical connection are not set, power control module does not work properly. sometimes it may cause a large accident. the tips of making custom bike and all the electrical needs are perfect.

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