One Man’s Journey for 50 Legs in 50 Weeks

(Tampa, FL) - Steve Chamberland doesn't just want to get a leg up-he wants to get 50 legs out and on patients in need, in 50 weeks.  Professional wrestler and gold medal-winning shot putter, and Fitness Expert. Chamberland is putting a call out to those who need a prosthetic legs: Be apart of my "50 Legs in 50 Weeks" project.

Chamberland, who lost his own legs in a motorcycle accident, wants to provide 50 prosthetic legs to those in need, in 50 weeks. Chamberland asks that anyone interested write and tell him their story.  If selected, they will be one of 50 lucky individuals who will have a prosthetic leg designed and built by Chamberland and his staff.

Chamberland also plans to videotape each of the 50 recipients as they go through the process of receiving their new legs from the initial fitting to construction to the final test. He also wouldn't rule out turning the project into a Reality TV Show.

"This isn't a stunt - it's a real way to help real people in need" Chamberland says. "It's also a way to bring awareness to the fact that people with prosthetic can lead prosperous, fulfilling lives."

Chamberland says the search is on for sponsors to provide funding for the bus he and his staff will need to tour the country. To contact Steve Chamberland for the purposes of making a request to be selected as one of 50 prosthetic leg recipients, e-mail him at schamberland11@gmail.com

Website: http://undergroundwrestling.com

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