Motorcycles Could Get OK To Go Through Red Lights

SPRINGFIELD -- Motorcycle riders could go straight on red under a proposal rumbling through the General Assembly.

In action Wednesday, the Illinois Senate voted 43-12 in favor of allowing the driver of a motorcycle to proceed through a red light which fails to turn green within a "reasonable period of time."

Motorcycle rights groups say motorcycle riders can sometimes get stuck at a red light for several light cycles because the lighter weight of the two-wheel vehicles won't trigger sensors that cause stoplights to change at some intersections.

A number of senators who ride motorcycles said getting stuck at red lights equipped with the sensors is not uncommon.

"I ride a motorcycle, so I have been there before," said state Sen. Gary Forby, D-Benton, who sponsored the legislation.

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  1. Green light triggers are easy to make and mount on your bike. All it takes is a strong magnet mounted to the frame and close to the ground. I have one and it works constantly. I do know what it's like to have to wait for a light that doesn't appear to be changing. Sometimes it's not the sensor, it's just the programmed length of time for the light cycle. I see a potential safety risk, but to each his own. I've ridden through red lights, but only after I was ABSOLUTELY sure the coast was clear.

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