To The American Soldier

The Soldier Book Project came about because Mary Sweeney wanted a way to thank to our soldiers for their dedication and their service.  Our freedom in this great nation is one of our greatest commodities and the sacrifices it takes to maintain that freedom is something that should never be taken for granted.

Our soldiers, both active and veteran, are the ones to thank.  They are the ones who put their lives on the line each and every day so that we can live our lives without fear. We will always be indebted to these fine men and women and we should always do whatever it takes to ensure they feel the gratitude that they deserve.

To The American Soldier is an anthology of literary artists giving thanks to our service members through poems, short stories and notes of thanks.  Our military personnel need our support now more than ever. They are out there every day putting their lives on the line to ensure we have our freedom.  They need to know that we support them.

For every book bought, Mary will give a book to a service member, active or veteran. If you have a request that book be sent to someone you know just email Mary and let her know. Email Mary with any questions. msween2008@gmail.com. Please spread the word. This book can also be found on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. This is a word of mouth campaign. I met Mary at a motorcycle event and I have to say that she is an inspirational lady and I admire her for what she is doing for our military. It is the little things that can make a big difference to someone.

The next time you see a veteran or military person go up to them and say "Thank You For Your Service".  Watch their reaction, it is priceless.

Tina - HarleySkyAngel

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