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  1. he wasn't looking ahead that's for sure and didn't slow down even after the wobble he's lucky the truck didn't roll over his leg

  2. I wish I could understand what they are saying? That was CLOSE! His leg was nearly smashed!

  3. What the heck, it looks like he just dove off the bike rather than trying to stop or make any attempt at an evasive manuever. He looked like he was speeding but bar that he ignored the guy in the green vest who was letting him know the truck was turning. He was fixated on the car and looked over his shoulder to make the lane change (to pass on the right no less) but was not looking at the truck. Even still some good braking probably would have saved the day. A whole pile of bad decsions made in just a few seconds. Poorly trained rider for sure. I wonder what the cuss word was that came out of his mouth after he stopped sliding.

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