Will High Gas Prices Help or Hurt Motorcycle Industry Recovery?

In a report in USA Today experts are warning that consumers could see gas climb to near $4 a gallon at the pump by the summer as the cost of crude is expected to rise beyond $100 per barrel.   In 2008, the price of gas spiked to $4.11 per gallon.

In 2008, small motorcycle and scooter sales jumped, while sales of larger displacement bikes dropped like a rock.

What do you think?  Will that pattern hold if gas prices rise above $4 per gallon this spring?   Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.


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  1. I ride my bike as much as possible, weather permitting, which includes back and forth to work. An added bonus other than the joy of riding, is the gas mileage of a motorcycle. Not sure if anyone would buy one just for that benefit, though.

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