Virginia May Ban Children on Motorcycles

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Richmond VA:   A bill sponsored by Chris Stolle, (R) from Virginia Beach would make it illegal for children under 8 years of age to ride on a motorcycle, either as a passenger or as an operator.  House Bill 1850, which has the support of some law enforcement officers, has outraged motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle rights groups.

On www.pilotonline.com Matt Danielson, legal counsel for the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists said,  "I don't look at this as a governmental issue. I look at this as a parental issue.  I think the parent can make a better decision about whether their child is ready to ride than can some legislator in Richmond."

Other motorcyclists say that Virginia is trying to create a law where none is needed.

According to statistics, more children in Virginia are hurt or killed riding bicycles.

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  1. People of America need to travel an see how nice we have it. Complaining about something stupid as what another parent is doing with their child. In South America it is the main transportation and you will see really small children on a scooter. In Asia you find families riding on 1 scooter. Some of Europe is going to more Scooters. Fuel is just too expensive. Soon the U.S. will realize. Fuel is just too expensive everywhere else and when it hits home nobody will be prepared. So motorcycle haters be ready. Until then keep out of everyone's business. Take care of yourself, raise your own family and no one else.

  2. Another law that should not exist, another pile of wasted tax dollars on dumb legislation. Lets find a better way to use those $.
    My son was on my bike as soon as he was able to climb up between my legs on my dirtbike. He has been riding since he was 6 and has spent many hours riding by himself and two up on my bike. Parents teach safety, teach responsibility and our kids will find many enjoyable moments….that will be lessons that reach much further. The confidence and experience they gain at a young age will serve them well as they turn into young adults.

  3. my kids rode with us from the time they were 2 years old. /. Not very far but far enough for them to enjoy the excitement. as they got older we purchased a sidecar so both kids could ride with me while their mom rode her own bike. A "seatbelt' held my son on the back with a backrest and trunk and saddlebags around him. he was as safe as i was on the bike. I'm curious as to where this legislation started. My guess the insurance industry that see's it as another way to avoid claims and make more money.

  4. I ride and have two small children( 4and 6) who would love to ride, my husband and I are waiting for tthe day that they can reach the footpegs so they can tag along. As a mother and a rider I think it's the parents who should be making this decision not the government!!!!

  5. My grandson is 5,and loves to ride, I think the government should mind their own business and let us mind ours

  6. It should be a parental decision !! Texas says under 5 must be in a sidecar ,which is in my opinion, another STUPID law. My grandson loves to ride with me sitting between my legs,which is the safest place for a little one !!

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