New Jersey May Finally Allow Sunday Motorcycle Sales

If NJ Gov. Christy approves, New Jersey will finally allow Motorcycle sales on Sunday

Although it's been tried before and failed, Jersey residents may finally be able to buy a motorcycle on Sunday. That is if the Governor signs the bill that was sponsored by Senator Donald Norcross, D-Camden.

That bill which has cleared both houses and is heading to the Governor's desk is the result of Barbara Borowiec, a Camden County Harley-Davidson dealer, voicing her concern about losing customers as a result of the Sunday ban.

Norcross told fellow legislators that New Jersey loses sales tax revenue on fringe items, such as clothing and accessories, purchased at out-of-state dealerships which welcome them with open arms.

"Thousands of residents, including myself, own motorcycles not for day-to-day business travel, but for weekend riding," said Norcross. "Our laws have to reflect the fact that, for many people, motorcycles are recreational purposes. It is only reasonable that our dealers are given the option of opening on Sundays to vie for sales."

Auto dealers will not be affected.

Not all motorcycle dealerships were in agreement with lifting the ban. Some dealers said the Sunday ban gives them a day off and equals the playing field for their nearby competitors.

Governor Chris Christie is expected to sign the bill.

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  1. Don't come down south where most everything is closed on Sunday especially motorcycle dealerships. Although I'm pretty sure there isn't a requirement to be closed like they have in NJ.

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