Funny Caption Contest for February Issue

what's your funniest caption?

Hey Abdul-la..that car keeps following us....do you think they're trying to steal little bo peep?  Speed up..!

This isn't a new picture and it's probably been around the block a few times..(like that sheep) but we know our readers can put a whole new spin on the funny captions.   Remember, we publish the funniest ones in the magazine!  You could be famous..!

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Web Staff


  1. Hey! File those back hooves before you stick them in your boots so they want scratch you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Do you think two will be enough for the bachelor party tonight? Remember they might want to sacrifice one to the fertility GOD.

  3. Dateline Iraq…..
    Where men are men are sheep are terrified!! And now over Showmeilickem with sports!!

  4. Like I said Abdul a I dont care if we dont pick up any of those fancy American women Im prepared

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