Arizona Congresswoman Part of Motorcycle Fraternity

photo from Hell for Leather.com

By now you probably know more about Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords than you do about your own Congressman or woman but there's one fact that only a few of the mainstream media is reporting.  Representative Giffords is an avid motorcyclist.  A freedom of choice advocate, and was the chair of the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus.   She's been riding motorcycles in her home state for the past 20 years.   There is a good report in the NY Times about her background.

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  1. We are doing this as I write this. Women MC Riders in Tucson are in the process of organizing this for Thursday or Friday of this week!

  2. I completely agree with Frank. I'm sure one of the motorcycle groups in Az will step up and put on a ride. That is one of the things I truly love about being part of a motorcycle community, we support so many great causes but it hits a little closer when it's for a fellow motorcyclist. My thoughts and prayers go out to Gabrielle Giffords along with her family, friends and co-workers during this difficult time.

  3. Wonder if an Arizona Chapter for any bike group could organize a ride in support of Gaby.

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