When NOBLE Takes Over Your Life

By Scott Cochran, Editor
I was tempted to dig through the morgue where we keep our back issues to see how many times I’ve written an editorial on helmets.

But then I realized this rant isn’t about helmets, it’s more about  pushing back against the “nanny state” that is attacking our personal liberties with legislation designed “for our own good.”

At least that’s the position of the National Transportation Safety Board is taking.

Calling for all 50 states to enact mandatory helmet requirements for motorcycles, Christopher Hart, Vice Chairman of the NTSB (A Federal agency with little or no Congressional oversight) said that motorcycle fatalities have doubled, while total traffic deaths have declined, and that riding a motorcycle without a helmet is a “public health issue.”

I’m throwing a BS flag on that one Mr. Hart.

There’s nothing inherently dangerous to the non-riding public if a motorcyclist opts not to wear protective gear.   It’s not contagious or likely to cause innocent bystanders harm.

However, let me state unequivocally that if you choose to ride without a helmet or protective gear, you are not exercising good common sense.

But, for full disclosure, there have been times when yours truly has ridden without a helmet. I don’t make it a habit, but it happens.

So, it’s not the wearing of the helmet that I oppose, it’s our Federal government (which represents us) using its power to force individual states to usurp personal freedoms, and use taxpayer (our money) funds to accomplish the agenda.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims the public pays when motorcyclists go down without helmets. “Only slightly more than half of motorcycle crash victims have private health insurance coverage. For patients without private insurance, a majority of medical costs are paid by the government.”

With the passage of Obama Care, everyone will be covered, but premiums of non-riders will increase to cover motorcycle accident victims.

Can you see the logical conclusion to this agenda?

If your activity causes my health insurance premiums to increase, and the government subsidizes health insurance, then it becomes a “public health issue” and government has an obligation to regulate it, or ban it outright.

What disturbs me the most is not what the NTSB is doing, but the absence of any outrage among civil libertarians over this.

Society, (aka The Government) does not own my body. It does not own my thoughts nor what I generate from my thoughts and actions.

As an adult I am (and rightly so) free to engage in various forms of self-destructive behavior.

I can smoke or drink alcohol to excess. I can eat whatever I want as much as I can afford and refuse to exercise. I do not have to visit a doctor or a dentist. My teeth can rot out and my body fall apart if I so choose.

I can ride horses and climb mountains without the first piece of safety gear. I can operate a chain saw without a minute of safety instruction. I can go for a swim in any river or ocean without having to wear a flotation device, and I don’t have to know how to swim.

I can have casual sex with as many strangers as I like (and risk contracting AIDS) without having to wear protection.

All of these activities are inherently dangerous to my personal health, so what’s different about riding a motorcycle without a helmet?

Not much, if you think about it.

The sad fact is that If we remain complacent, and do not defend personal liberty, no matter if it affects us or not, most of what active, fun loving adults enjoy will be banned as “too dangerous” by some new alphabet nanny agency. Most likely the National Organization for Boosting Life Expectancy or NOBLE in gov speak.

One day future generations will look back and wonder how the world survived with idiots smoking in public, sweet tea, fried food and motorcycle riders who rode without ballistic armor, airbags and full face helmets.

Sadly, they’ll never know what they missed.

Ride safe and always take the road less traveled.

Web Staff


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  5. The agenda of Liberal Democrats has always been to "regulate" the American public by creating more and bigger government control over our lives and freedoms. The problem is that the majority of Americans have a short political memory span and don't remember the facts about Libs when they vote. "Obamacare" is just another way to assert government control over the governed while trying to make it seem like they just want to "help" us poor misguided and lost sheep.

    • I do not intend to devalue you nor your article.

      I respect and support your freedom of speech to express your opinion. I do not have to agree with it. Governments (ordinarily) pass legislation which is intended to have positive outcomes, be they reductions in medical care costs, safety standards for vehicle design and traffic controls to promote the safety of all road users.

      Legislation mandating motorcyclists to wear helmets on public highways is not intended as a removal of your rights and freedoms to behave as a death waiting to happen. Your value of life appears to be lower than most. Collisions often result in multiple injuries to the people involved not just your own. The argument that guns do not kill but gun users do, applies to vehicles. They are not designed to kill but when driven recklessly, they too can be part of the killing process. Would you and/or your peers think more of you if you removed the brakes on your bike? I expect not.

      Everyone has equal opportunities to take risks of ignoring legislated rules and regulations like exceeding speed limits, DUI, etc.. If you get caught breaking a law, you must pay the sanctioned penalty or do time etc.

      I have no wish for you to die by exercising your free will. I do however, wish that you consider all the people who will be affected by your suicide. "If only she/he had been wearing a crash helmet" is a pathetic obituary for any person and underscores her/his low self-esteem, low self-worth and selfish disregard for those family and friends left behind who are forced to live with their loss.

      Professional drivers learn that accidents rarely occur – like a spooked deer running out in front of you – what happens are avoidable collisions. Similarly, your insurance and healthcare companies are likely to decide that your disregard for the law is sufficient cause to revoke your coverage.

      Whatever you do is your choice and I hope that as you grow older, you learn the value of your unique life and take all available precautions to keep it safe.

      Ride safely and not faster than your guardian angel can fly.

      • I assume you have been close to someone who passed away in some form of accidents and that you write out of a concern to prevent others from feeling the same way you feel. If this is the case, a professional can help you work through your feelings in a positive way. Devaluing others and encouraging the limitation of person freedom is not a positive way to deal with feelings you may be having.

        Also, death in a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet is no more suicide than death from heat damage to one's lung during a house fire without a smoke detector. Safety equipment may have helped prevent injury or death, but by no means is it a suicide.

        It is my opinion that the author clearly states that his "value of life" is in expression of freedoms and enjoyment without risk to others rather than longevity.

      • Government does not pass laws for a "positive outcome" unless you think that giving the government more power is a "positive outcome'. Government agencies seek ways to extend their life, their reach, their budgets and influence. That, is government!

        Giving any additional power to government is not in ay one's interest except theirs. Regulation is like taxes and bureaucracys. Once put in place, they never go away and just get bigger. They are self perpetuating for their own interests, not yours!

        Not only is the helmet law over reach, so are the seat belt laws. They need to go away also.

    • My guess is, that you do not read well. You started with an opinion and stopped reading when it disagreed with your own.

      Try an open mind. I know that liberals have a hard time with that idea but, for once, let the facts interfer with your thinking.

  6. You tell 'em Scott. The government is NOT your daddy,sugar or otherwise, & should stay out of our business.

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