Royals Plan Adventure and Canada Spies on Motorcycle Group

The princes plan are rumored to be planning a new motorcycle adventure

While Prince William may be engaged, he's not going to be giving up the motorcycle lifestyle anytime soon, according to the Telegraph. the pair are said to be planning another epic motorcycle odyssey similar to the 2009 trip in Africa where the pair covered 1000 miles of back country in eight days.

Brother Harry, an avid motorcyclist is often seen(on the left) sporting around on his black Triumph, and once even rode on the back of a Ducati superbike with GP winner Randy Mamol for several 100+ laps around a British racetrack.

Canada Spies

A group of motorcycle owners in the Quebec province of Canada are outraged after it was discovered that the province’s automobile insurance board spent taxpayer money and  hired a private firm to essentially spy on them earlier this year.  The insurance board denied that what it was doing was "spying."

In the Globe and Mail the group said, “There was a lot of anger and we knew protest groups were being formed,” said a spokeswoman for the automobile insurance board, Audrey Chaput. “We granted a contract to the firm National to go out and listen to what the groups were saying and to feel the pulse of the movement.”  The complete story is here

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  1. Hockey, beer & crullers = Canada Kicks Ass!
    It isn't as great as America, but it sure beats Mexico! <<< Should be their motto.

  2. Ya know, when I rode through Ontario several years back, from Sault Ste Marie to Niagra Falls I was stopped no less that 7 times by the local constabulary. It seems like they are afraid of anything that does not fit the mold that is Canadian acquiescence. I would rather be free and live in danger than to be so coddled that the cops were my only protection…

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