Paris Hilton Sponsors Motorcycle Race Team

So, the obvious question is "who cares?"  Spoiled rich brat, (with an incredible looking artificially enhanced rack) is spending some of her daddy's money on motorcycle racing.  Snooze fest huh?

Well, yes and no.  Paris's most recent project, a 125cc MotoGP team, is dubbed SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton. Its headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain.    According to the blogsphere, Spanish motorcycle heroes Sergio Gadea and Maverick Vinales form the nucleus of SuperMartxe VIP. Technical surveillance falls to mechanic Rossano Brazzi, who has worked with a number of famous racers like six-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi.

Truthfully it's a slow news day and we might have posted something about vintage Harley-Davidson oil leaks if it had a picture like this attached.

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  1. aah paris, i dont care what anyone says. enjoy your life, enjoy everything you want. most people are so jealous of you because yoe got it all. look back and wink girl

  2. Ahhhh the ploys of marketing. There are plenty of women who actually ride, actually look a lot better than her, (some actually have money too), and most of all–have brains that would have posed like this or even better. However, Trick Rick's comment is so true…this type of attention will get the sport/lifestyle a double take…just wish it could have been with a female rider who truely had her life into it. In the end…its all about the $$.

  3. I dont know if shes a big fan or not but it doesnt matter. It appears someone on her team is a marketing genious. Its a given that bikes are Huge across the pond and this should bring big attention to her products. Its a win win because plenty of that attention/money will make it to the sport.

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