Funny Caption Contest for January 2011 Issue

look twice to make sure you see the whole story here!

There's no doubt that safety is at the top of the list for some motorcyclists, that why this family always wears helmets...except jr, who couldn't find one narrow enough.... In this frigid winter we thought it would be nice to spend a little time coming up with a funny caption for this photo.  Enter here, or on our FACEBOOK page

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  1. Bill and Cathy on their way to take their Motorcycle Safety Course. At the last second, Bill thinks 'safety first' and grabs their full face helmets.

  2. Went to Vegas on the Harley decked in Leathers – Left Vegas on a Honda and a feather.. Oh and they gave us these neat helmets as a door prize…

  3. The repair bills are getting outrageous. Lost my shirt buying another rear tire!

  4. this is not funny and flat out wrong the baby is way to small to ride that way down a public street both parents should have a backwoods talking to and they do make helments to fit children sorry the only humor i see is stupidity

  5. I knew I shouldn't have tried to keep up with that crotch rocket…damn…back to the leather store!

  6. These parents would have needed to outfit their bike with saddle bags if they had twins!!

  7. I have rode for years and always wondered how someone could wear a helmet with shorts and tennis shoes. Protect there head and not there body is what i am getting at. Anyway it is a funny looking picture . ( With these helmet on they wont be able to tell who we are , if you squeeze me real tight junior might have a chance if we do crash.)

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