Born Free; The next motorcycle anthem?

While the title track from Kid Rock's newest album titled Born Free was released in September it is just beginning to make the rounds of Facebook and Twitter, and for many motorcyclists, the title track is fast becoming their favorite motorcycle anthem.

The intro could easily be from Bob Segar or the Eagles, and the song's lyrics are simple and straightforward. A good formula for a motorcycle ride. In fact, Kid Rock is seen in this video riding his Harley Streetglide on a country road in Michigan. Probably somewhere around the Lake St. Clair or Lake Erie but that's just a guess.  (We initially said California..and were wrong so take this new guess for what it's worth)

By the way, this album marks a decided departure from KR's early style. There's no hard rap, and no parental warning sticker. But there are two songs with country stars Martina McBride and Zac Brown. Sheryl Crow also returns for a duet but it's not quite as magical as "Picture" but it's pretty good.

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