93 Year Old Kills Pregnant Motorcyclist; $375 Fine

Faith Mitzel, Photo courtesy of WDAY

(headline edited to correct mistake)

A 93-year-old Oberon North Dakota woman who was driving a vehicle that struck two motorcycles, this past summer, resulting in the death of a pregnant woman, has been sentenced for misdemeanor driving charges Tuesday November 30th. The Ramsey County State's Attorney, Lonnie Olson, said Faith Mitzel was ordered to pay $375 in fines. She will also face 60 days in jail if she commits a crime within the next two years.

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  1. Dec 1 2010 6:11AM
    Associated Press
    Here is the latest North Dakota news from The Associated Press

    Devils Lake, N.D. (AP) A judge in North Dakota has ordered a 93-year-old Oberon woman to pay $375 in fines for driving with a suspended license and without insurance. Faith Mitzel was ticketed in August while driving east of Devils Lake. She previously was accused of killing one motorcyclist and hurting another when her car crossed a center line. She was not charged in that case.

  2. Another fine example of Justice in America. The only country in the Industrialized World you can commit murder in and get away with it. Get caught selling drugs,just trying to survive and see what happens though. Kinda makes ya proud doesn't it? Like the rest of the scumbag politicians running this country into the ground,the lawyers and judges rank right there with them. It's all about the mighty dollar. Kill'em ALL!

  3. Fire that Judge now! Please! I hate to say it, but I belive in Karma…………….

  4. And all of this hyperbole you're spitting out has what to do with the fact that a motorcyclist was killed, and the killer gets a slap on the wrist? It's bad enough that we motorcyclists are treated as second class citizens by state and federal criminal justice departments. Now you want to highjack the issue in order to use it as a soapbox for your own agenda. How pathetic

  5. I don't care about the punishment….take her license and vehicle away so that it never happens again….she's obviously too old to go to jail and why cripple her with a heavier fine, just pull that license, maybe one of those ankle bracelet things. Then go get the people that renewed her license the last time…..those are the ones that should spend a stretch in the pokey……

  6. This is such a tragedy … two lives lost and for what. I am a lady rider as well as a christian. It seems the proper authorities failed to bring forth the charges that were in order for this ~ No doubt a younger person would have been charged, and the lady's age should not have had an effect on that.

  7. If you do a Google search and read the complete story, you'll find the woman was never charged in the case of the pregnant motorcyclist's death and that the $375 fine was for a totally separate incident where she was nailed for driving with a suspended license. The headline as posted on this site is incorrect and misleading. No doubt the woman is too old and her skills too limited to be driving, but to suggest she was only fined $375 for killing a rider is inaccurate.

  8. Wonderful. Yet another innocent biker gets killed and the person that caused the death gets a slap on the wrist. I don't really care that she's 90 or 20 or anywhere in between. Nor do I care that she's poor, she killed two people…woman and her unborn child. Crying shame bikers get absolutely no respect at all.

  9. Clearly this "punishment" would not have been appropriate for someone whose negligence caused the death of a biker …but come on guys, this woman was in her 90's … the only crime she is guilty of is driving beyond the age of ability and that can easily be blamed on others … her family, the local driver's license office that renewed her license, etc. … she was probably even too old to REALIZE she was a danger on the road. Was she drunk, high, texting? No. She was just an old woman that someone should have STOPPED a long time ago. Hopefully they took her license away and told her to never attempt to drive again.

  10. Let a biker beat the crap out of an old lady and see how much time a biker would get. Where is the justice? Just Us!

  11. I ride a motorcycle and am vigilant to old people. I know they dont intentionaly want to hurt anyone but the fact is their should be a law to have a yonger person with them. At least that way they could be watched …. I know they are around (young drivers) when they want to borrow money off granny Thats just my opionion

  12. What can you do to a person in their 90s and is also, by the looks of it, poor? Putting them in jail would probably be doing them a favor as they'd get a cot and 3 squares a day. Probably better than being put into a home.

  13. Mark, what you said makes no sense at all. If it were even remotely true, then the unborn life would have held even more value.

  14. This is a HUGE disgrace and embarassment of our justice system. Any life, let alone 2 is worth and deserves more justice then this. That judge should be removed!

  15. A friend and co-worker of mine died a little over two years ago by a woman in her 80's driving the wrong way on a divided highway. She hit his bike head on. No charges were ever placed against her.

  16. Will we ever get the Justice we need? How many lives do we have to loose to Drunks, addicts, people texting and on phones and people who should not be behind the wheel. I see them on the road every single day. GOD HELP US, because nobody else gives a Damn about us Two Wheelers.

  17. WHAT! WHY???????? why would you choose a sentence that WE ALL KNOW would be a lot different for any one of us younger drivers….of course i don't know the whole story…but this punishment DEFENITLEY DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME…..for some reason i guess not much shocks me anymore…must be because i work in corrections.

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