2011 Kawasaki ZX10

By Neale Bayly Photos by Brian J Nelson. “It’s got a petrol engine son.” I’ve always imagined the moment in the future when my grandkid is in my garage asking me what the weird looking two-wheeled machine is in the corner.… Continue Reading


Victory Throttles into 2011


Riding through the slot canyons around Gateway, Colorado, with the headlight of a good friend occasionally blinking in my mirrors, I’m once again reminded that I belong to a small tribe, at least when compared the number of people there… Continue Reading


Paris Hilton Sponsors Motorcycle Race Team

Paris Hilton’s Motorcycle Racing Team

So, the obvious question is “who cares?”  Spoiled rich brat, (with an incredible looking artificially enhanced rack) is spending some of her daddy’s money on motorcycle racing.  Snooze fest huh? Well, yes and no.  Paris’s most recent project, a 125cc MotoGP team, is… Continue Reading


California Makes it a little harder on Motorcycle Thieves

home made pig tail used to quickly bypass the ignition switch and steal a motorcycle

California’s noise legislation overshadowed this piece of good legislation for motorcycle owners that begins January 1. Starting New Year’s Day, a new law authored by a San Diego County assemblyman will enable police to arrest anyone carrying a type of… Continue Reading


When NOBLE Takes Over Your Life


By Scott Cochran, Editor I was tempted to dig through the morgue where we keep our back issues to see how many times I’ve written an editorial on helmets. But then I realized this rant isn’t about helmets, it’s more… Continue Reading