After Shakeup at Other Plants, Harley Management Turns To Kansas City Operation

Kansas City Harley-Davidson plant workers facing concessions

Employees at the Harley-Davidson Kansas City facility should not have been surprised last Wednesday when they received a letter from Corporate headquarters saying in effect, "It's your turn."

After demanding, and receiving, concessions from its other plants in York Pa and Milwaukee Wisconsin, management told 800 Kansas City employees that it needs to address needs to address cost, efficiency and production gaps, or it will move Kansas City Operations to York Pa plant.

The company used the same tactic with the unions in Milwaukee and York during successful negotiations with those unions in the past few years.

The company's contract with the union expires in July 2012 and has said it will decide the fate of the plant in the first quarter of 2011.

Company officials have said that the Kansas Plant already has some of the labor flexibility that it needs and concessions should not be as difficult or as deep as in the other plants.

Labor leaders at the plant have not commented publicly on the announcement.

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  1. Am thinking I will buy my next American bike from Victory also. Did AMF buy back HD when we weren’t looking? Am also wondering what concessions management has made?

  2. Oddly, this comes one week after HD announced that it would establish assembly facilities in India – for the Indian market – wink-wink-nod-nod.

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