John Stone, Valdosta Georgia World Traveler

John Stone, Valdosta GA

Two of us went on the ride, John Stone and Robert (C-DAD) Resta from Valdosta and Adel Ga. Our first stop was Cairo, we set up the camera on a mini tripod so we could both get into the pics. I set the timer and before the first picture snapped a typhoon force wind blew through sending the tripod and camera to the ground face first. Needless to say that was the death of the camera. We saddled up, headed to Walmart and bought the cheapest digital camera that they had, $19.00. We busted it out of the bulletproof plastic packaging, put in the batteries and took turns taking pictures at the stops we made that day. On the last stop we decided to read the directions and learned that it had a timer, sometimes we are too smart for our own good. We had a great ride, we will do it again with a new camera that takes photo quality pics and decorate the man room, aka the garage with our adventure.

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