National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Thumbs Nose at Congress and Discriminates Against Motorcycles

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has learned from a source at the US Department of Transportation

Troopers in Georgia to set up "motorcycle only checkpoints"

that they have funded the motorcycle only roadside checkpoints.

NHTSA decided to fund the program despite being asked by Congress not to fund the program until the merits were explained. In a letter sent by James Sensenbrenner, along with ten other Members of the House of Representatives last month, Sensenbrenner and his colleagues specifically asked NHTSA to respond to the letter before funding the program, they did not. Read the letter here.

The recipient of the money for the demo project was the Georgia Department of Public Safety, which oversees the day-to-day operation of the Georgia State Patrol.  The Georgia State Patrol will conduct a series of roadside motorcycle safety checks in accordance with what was outlined in the Request for Applications.  The amount of NHTSA funding is $70,000.00.

"Not only is this an injustice to the motorcyclists of America its a complete waste of taxpayer money." said Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs for the MRF.

The MRF will keep you informed on this issue and any actions you can take to defend your freedoms, at stake in Washington.

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  4. Actually, there are quite a few states doing this now. I believe Nevada did it on the exits of a rally. Only lasted a couple hours since it caused a huge traffic jam and someone got smart enuf to call it off, but still, it is a waste of time and money. Apparently, for the guys like Jason and others who think that if they have proper paperwork and license, they dont know what is actually happening. The police are stopping people, giving them a 5 minute talk discussing" proper safety operations" of riding a bike as well as other safety items of concern to the police. they apparently dont take into account that most of the bike riders at rallies have been riding longer than some of the police force have been officers or that a vast majority of the officers giving the advice are only reading from a pamplet someone gave them. I am sure most of the officers have never riden a bike. And even the ones who do, there is a video taken of a police officer riding a police bike that was directing tourists to a rally and was videoed riding on his bike standing on the seat going down the highway. That must be a good example of rider safety for all of us to follow.

  5. Here's a thought, if we are legal when they stop us and provide the necessary documents and they cannot ticket us, not generating revenue thus will kill the profiling. It is a total waste of there time as well as our time. Would be nice if we could fire them and rehire people that do understand. Guess that would be too easy. We have better things to spend money on that stopping motorcyclists that are saving this country millions of dollars a year just on gas savings. Politicians will tell you anything to get elected then have there own adjective that does not include common since.

  6. what about the good 95% of riders do like toys for tots ride …. what about all the other fund raising rides we do … like the S.C.R.C. family (as we call ourselfs) we raise money for ST. JUDES for child cancer …as well as other cancer cures …… if they keep going all of this will stop … or have a big impact & who will lose out ..THE KIDS WILL …… ya DON'T see the cage driver doing things like this ……there might be a small # of car clubs doing it …. but not even close to the LARGE # of riders doing it ……..NO ONE CAN MATCH WHAT THE RIDERS DO FOR A CAUSE ……….

  7. So Jason,,,, what will it take to piss you off enough to take a stand? Will there be anyone left to stand up with you when the government get around to harassing you?

  8. All motorcyclists nationwide should just avoid the state of Georgia if the concerns raised by The American Motorcyclist Association regarding this roadblock program are not answered. Perhaps a few hundred thousand in lost sales tax dollars may get the politicians attention. Imagine a half million riders heading for Daytona and none stop in Georgia.

  9. Though this may be targeting us as motorcyclist, I see this as a good thing….in a way.

    As others have mentioned, it will get those unlicensed rider off the road for a while. But maybe it will also get some criminals off the streets too.

    I personally have nothing to worry about. I have a valid driver’s license, I have my MC endorsement, I am full insured and don’t do anything illegal. So I’m not worried

  10. Is it true that they are photographing bikers and checking for concealed carry permits? What happens if I refuse to allow them to search me or photograph me? If there is no probable cause, that is. I suppose I could be arrested for some trumped up charge or another, but what does the law say about this? It doesn’t seem that they have the right to search or photograph me without consent if they have no probable cause to believe that I have committed a crime.

  11. The purpose of a roadblock is to target offenders. They target drivers who are under the influence, driving on a suspended license, or without insurance. The roadblocks can prevent accidents by getting impaired drivers and habitual offenders off the road. The citations, FINES, generated form the arrest justify the road blocks. I do not expect these Motorcycle Road blocks to raise much revenue for the state. They may discover a few riders without a valid license but I will be surprised if these road blocks, AKA “Safety Checks” result in major arrest or multiple citation generating enough revenue to justify the expense. In short, some politician probable pushed this through because he was inattentive, almost hit a motorcycle and moved the blame of the near miss on the motorcycle. MY OPINION VOTE INCUMBENTS OUT!

  12. When they pull me over, I hope they check that I’m a legal US resident! I’ll gladly comply! It would also be nice if they pulled over all the old conversion vans stuffed with construction workers and anything else with a ladder hung on it or pickups with loose paint cans, trash and bags of quickrete in the back…just to be fair.

  13. Sucks…"Safety Checkpoints" sounds noble. What they really are is another intrusion into our wallets, as officers of the Ga. Patrol will be told to "write, write, and write some more" by their supervisors.

    Only possible good thing might be to nail some the non-licensed riders, and there are alot of them out there.

  14. It's a scary thing the way our government will turn our own monies against us in the name of safety and or research. Obviously they feel we are a group who must be saved from ourselves.

  15. banned riding in ga..would be a shame that all the charitys and organazations that benefit from bikers ,that will lose out..next checkpoint gonna be for bicyclist ? This is pure bs for money to go in more politicians back pockets..

  16. This is a crying shame! Almost everyone that rides checks out their bike. Yet how many people get into thier 4-wheel motor vehicles without even checking the tires? This is just ludicrous!

  17. Let’s not profile “foreigners” who blow up our buildings and our airplanes killing our loved ones … BUT it’s ok to profile bikers who, GOD FORBID, might be wearing a NON DOT helmet … what else are they looking for? Do they think bikers are alcoholic, drug addicts with kidnapped kids stuffed in their saddle bags? Most of us are Doctors, Lawyers, Electricians, Salesmen and women … hard working Americans who just happen to enjoy the wind in our faces!

  18. I absolutely hate the greed of politicians who want federal money to fund their projects at the angst of the citizens who put them in charge. The money was the carrot and the bikers get the stick. What fines can be reaped while raping bikers? What do they expect to gain with this segregation searching?

  19. This is Ridiculous, I can think of better areas to use this Money, Don’t Forget To Vote These Politicians out of office ,

  20. I agree thats a waste of money…and at the same time we are Firing teachers from our education system…sooo sad.

  21. Sure sounds like profiling to me. You mean that when they have a check point for cars that motorcycles are exempt?

  22. This is an atrocity! Direct abuse of authority and profiling… How about a checkpoint for Ga cops to… nevermind. I have a great respect for our officers but I will not support this direct hatred leadership has for bikers.

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