Bold Motorcycle Thief

Louisville Kentucky resident Gordon Burkett said his first thought was his friends and co-workers at the Harle-Davidson dealership were playing a joke on him when he returned to the parking lot of Hoops restaurant after lunch and discovered his HD Roadglide missing.

Interviewed by WAVE Television Burkett said, "I walked around the parking lot couldn't find the bike (so) I made a phone call, I said, it's a simple yes or no question. Has someone sneaked over here and got my bike without me knowing it?  My associate here says oh no, we are all here. I said wow, someone has taken my bike."

Louisville Metro Police say they have had 50 motorcycle thefts this year. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in the U.S. a motorcycle is stolen every 9.4 minutes. Indiana ranks number six in the country for thefts, Kentucky ranks 22.

Burkett says the bike was insured but experts warn that not all insurance is adequate and that motorcycles with aftermarket parts and chrome may be grossly under-insured.

Police say the best way to protect your bike from casual thieves is with alarms and wheel or disc locks.  Storing the bike inside a secure garage or storage building can also deter criminals.

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  1. I would lose my mind if I came out of a restaurant and my bike was gone.

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