America’s Longest Running Weekly Motorcycle News Magazine To Close

The former editor of Cycle News, Paul Carruthers posted on his Twitter account that the venerated magazine is shutting down.  The final issue date has not been announced, nor has any "official" word from the owners of Cycle News been forthcoming.

Carruthers wrote in his blog that he was notified by a former co-worker that the "plug had been pulled on the 40 year old publication and that death was imminent."

Last week Carruthers ended his 25 year run as editor with the magazine.  He said he predicted the magazine wouldn't last 3 weeks, but feels sad, rather than vindicated at the magazine's demise.

Founded in the mid 60's by Charles and Sharon Clayton of Long Beach, California from the purchase of a struggling newsletter, Motorcycle Journal, Cycle News was, at it's zenith, the bible for competition motorcycle enthusiasts across the United States.

At one point, the magazine had 5 regional editions and was the leading and arguably the most influential motorcycle publication in the world.

Speculation in the industry is that the brand will continue as an online publication.

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