US Still Mired In Sales Slump

Four motorcycle manufacturers, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati are reporting a mixed bag of numbers regarding profits and sales for July.  Ducati reported a 7.5% July sales increase over last year in all three North American countries, US, Mexico and Canada.   In the United States, Ducati increased 4.75% increase over July 2009.  Kawasaki said it's sales of all powersports divisions was up 12 percent over a year ago.  That number, however does not signal out motorcycles.

Suzuki said that overall motorcycle sales were down, because of the continued sales slowdown of large motorcycles for Europe and the US, but it's profits improved after a reduction in expenses which offset it's operating loss.

Yamaha also cited falling sales in the US but overall reported a profit for the period ending June 30th due mainly to robust sales in Asia, (excluding Japan.) Net sales increased 16.7 percent from the same period of the previous fiscal year, however, sales in North America and Europe decreased, due mainly to falling demand and market stock adjustments in the United States, along with a decrease in demand from Europe.

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