The Tonight Show Headed to Sturgis

Back in May, USRiderNews reported that Pee Wee Herman was heading to Sturgis enroute to Broadway and according to published reports, motorcycle enthuasist and late night talk show icon Jay Leno is making plans to be at the Chip to cover Pee Wee leading thousands of bikers in the world's largest "tequila dance."

Campground owner Rod Woodruff said he was unsure of exactly what the show would be covering while at the Chip, beyond the dance. He said as more information becomes available, it will be posted on buffalochip.com and the Buffalo Chip’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Pee-wee is going to cram a lot of activity into his two days at the Buffalo Chip," Woodruff said.

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  1. The Chip is having a kid’s entertainer (I will not delve into the criminal history or charges) lead a bunch of bikers in some dance party. A geeky persona trying to promote whatever, wanting bikers to dance….

    • Pee Wee Herman is not a Kids entertainer… Pee wee is an artist, one with Balls the size of Mount rushmore.very Possibly , one of the greatest performance artists Of this century.

    • No he has never really been a children’s entertainer he has always been adult and he never did anything wrong as far as charges go other than get caught in an adult theatre. He is very funny and very talented but you have a closed mind so that is why you can’t see beyond the bullsh*t

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