Wanna Look Like Iron Man 2?

After UD Replicas sold-out the debut of its licensed Dark Knight motorcycle suit, the hand-crafted leather motorcycle suit maker followed up with another cinematic superhero outift  “leather-as-metal” motorcycle suit based on Iron Man 2.

These suits are meticulously designed with creative guidance from Marvel Comics and while you might not have his superhuman abilities, you'll look as close as possible to the Iron Man of the big screen.

The success of the Dark Knight suit illustrates how  pop culture continues to influence modern day motorcycle enthusiasts in the same manner that earlier silver screen hero's did a generation ago.

The Iron Man 2 motorcycle suit retails for $1,298 in the U.S.  Orders are currently available at www.UDReplicas.com.  The company has also produced a Wolverine motorcycle suit which is also available through the website.

If you're really into the whole IronMan look alike, purchase this 12 pound helmet to wear, although we're not sure it's DOT or SNELL approved.

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  1. Hell No, yer likely to get run off the road with an outfit like that on out there.

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