Vulcan Bike Week Sued by City of Birmingham

The City of Birmingham Alabama gave G. Entertainment LLC,, $25,000 to help promote  Vulcan Bike Week.  The event was billed as being held at the Birmingham Race Course but city fathers say the events were moved to Saint Clair County and they want their money back, and are suing to get it.

Mayor Bell told the local television station that the move violates the contract that the group had with the city and they must return the money.  According to the report, the check has been cashed.

On the website, www.vulcanbikeweek.com, the group says it designed an event to benefit all of Birmingham.

"The events that are going  on at Alabama International Dragway are events that were scheduled to take place in Steele  anyway. We designed and produced an event that would benefit the entire city, weather we  got 100,000 people the first year or 100,000 people the 5 year. We had a scholarship  program that was set in place to provide multiple first year college students with funds for  necessary items that was unforseen.  We wanted to keep the hope alive that one day Birmingham Alabama would have a true bike week, that generated millions for the city , and with us moving parts of the bike week to Steele, we will kept that hope alive."

O'Reilly Auto Parts was the sole listed sponsor for the event.

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  1. I was one of the bike builders that showed up for this joke of a bike week thankfully i had not paid the thousand dollar entry fee other bike builders had and I beleive are still have not been reembursed.Several builders came from Florida I from Georgia and one guy traveled from Quebec 28 hours for this show.Not to mention the numerous judges that invested their time and money also to come for this Joke.Johnny Gibson is a crook and should be run out of town on a rail.

  2. Sounds like 'sour grapes' city officials who spent more of the peoples money than they should have, now they want it back so they don't get fired.

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