Stealth Paint for Your Motorcycle?

coat your bike and become invisible to radar? Whoooohooo...

We used to know a guy who swore he'd never ride with a windshield because it gave the police something to lock their radar on to.  Another guy swore that his windshield "deflected" the radar beams and kept him from getting a ticket in 20 years of riding.

Truthfully both guys would be better off painting their bike with this new "stealth" paint developed by the Israeli nanotech company, Nanoflight.

The paint was developed for the military, specifically to coat airplanes with the purpose of making them invisible to radar.  It's effectiveness hasn't been proven but the company says the paint has civilian applications.

Sounds good, but wouldn't the rider have to be painted as well?   Now there are at least a few more reasons to talk your girl friend into getting her body painted during Daytona's Bike Week.

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