Reagan Library Opens Exhibit Honoring Motorcycles

Besides his role in winning the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan also won the heart of Harley aficionados when he imposed a temporary tariff  on Japanese motorcycles in 1983.  Historians debate the effectiveness of the tariff. Some claim that it saved Harley-Davidson from bankruptcy,while others say it costs more jobs than it saved and did nothing to reduce the number of Japanese bikes from entering the marketplace.

Debates aside, beginning tomorrow July 9th,  the Ronald Reagan library will honor the former President's role in motorcycle history as they open an exhibit “Born to be Wild: Vintage and Celebrity Motorcycles scheduled to run through November.

In Dealernews, library director Duke Blackwood is quoted as saying, Ronald Reagan’s actions helped change the course of the American motorcycle industry.”

Besides the vintage motorcycles on display the exhibit will also feature these famous movie motorcycles;

Movie motorcycles include:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1991 Indian from “The Terminator”
  • Space Bike ridden by Adam Sandler in “Bedtime Stories”
  • Motorized bicycle ridden by Will Smith and Kevin Kline in “Wild, Wild West”
  • The Batgirl and Robin motorcycles ridden by Alicia Silverstone and Chris O’Donnell in “Batman and Robin”
  • Motorcycle ridden by Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek”
  • The 1920 Indian Scout ridden by Anthony Hopkins from “The World’s Fastest Indian

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  9. Re: Reagan Library Opens Exhibit Honoring Motorcycles.
    sorry I couldn’t get back to answering your retort sooner, but I’ve been hooked-up working in my small business of 15 yrs..
    Oh yeah, we were both wrong, it was Pres., G.H.W. Bu$h, who called supply-side economics, Voodo Economics.
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    I also worked for several years offshore Gabon, West Africa.
    So don’t lecture me about initiative.
    My ride is an 80 inch 1979 & 1/2 Shovel.
    Yeah, I’ve had my share of Japanese bikes too.
    My 1st m/c was a Honda 50cc 4 stroke, w/ a centrifugal clutch.
    Next, I had a 2 cycle 55cc Yamaguchi, which was a predecessor to Yamaha.
    Then I bought a Honda 305cc Scrambler.
    I bored it out to 340cc & installed a hot cam, so it would outrun the local 350cc Honda Dream Police Bikes, in Gillette, Wyoming.
    So I’ve got nothing against rice, in fact they are kinda nice.
    I’m not so stuck-up, as to not to ride w/ people who ride rice, either.

    But I’m an American & I ride *American iron, granted, the electrics, et cetera, are all foreign, but someday maybe America will wake up.
    I think it’s more important to buy American made goods now, than @ any other time that I can think of.

    Especially since the Republicans have provided huge tax cuts for American companies that have exported more than 8 million American jobs to foreign countries, while Bu$h was @ the helm.
    Bu$h’s biggest export was American jobs.
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    They have no need for a large government that is fully functional. They would like to do just as, Grover Norquist, suggested, “Drown it in a bathtub.”
    It was Reagan who got people to fear their own government-of the people-by the people & for the people, when he talked about the 9 scariest words.

    Yet when the Republican inspired worldwide economic meltdown came to fruition, the GOP were whining for bailouts from the “big government.
    Same story, when the Macondo well blowout started fouling the shoreline of the GOM, all of the Republicans started sniveling, “Where is the government?”
    All liberal social programs like Medicare, Medicaid & the Health Insurance Reform will be repealed, if the GOP take control again.

    Soc. Sec. will be turned over to Wall St.
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    Small businesses create more jobs in America than the big corporations do.

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    $30 billion to aid the unemployed is a bridge too far, for the GOP.
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    Why should they lend money to smaller banks?
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    In 2008, the median income was $52,000.00.
    The majority of states below the the median income are Red States, but they consistently vote against their own vested – best self interests, out of ignorance or misperceived pride.

    But the one definite advantage to being a conservative is that you never have to trouble your conscience about selling out; a conservative is a sell-out from the git-go, an ass kisser & a power sycophant by definition.

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