Michigan Motorcyclists Stage Independence Day Protest Ride

Michigan Motorcyclists Protest Helmet Law

A group of 15 motorcyclists, comprised of members of the groups,  Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance, American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments, and general Patriots took off their helmets and participated in a 100 plus mile  motorcycle run July 4th 2010 to protest their dissatisfaction with what they say is "increasingly rampant government mandated elimination of our individual liberties."

In the press release, the group said, "We all deemed an afternoon of civil disobedience on the 4th of July more important to us than a day at the beach, or a cooler of cold beers."

The protest ride began at noon Remus Tavern in Remus Michigan, and traveled through the towns of Barryton, Evart, Reed City and  Big Rapids.

The group passed at least one unmarked police cruiser and rode by the Reed City State Police Post without any enforcement actions.

The group is making plans for another protest ride in the near future.

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