Hoka Hey Challenge Marred by Deaths and Fraud Accusations

As another competitors dies, critics are calling the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge a hoax and a fraud, according to published reports.

Two riders already finished the route, but no official winner has been declared.

Race spokesperson Alystar McKenneh says the race's winner is still being determined, pending drug-use and lie-detector tests.  Alaska television station KTUU  is reporting that at least in some of the cases mandatory drug tests that were to be performed on the winners upon their arrival in Homer Alaska did not happen.

GPS units were to be installed on the competitors bikes to track their movements, but several competitors say no units were installed on their bikes.

On Sunday, the official end of the Challenge, 63-year-old competitor Kenneth J. Greene of Ocala, Fla., died after crashing his motorcycle on the Glenn Highway near the Matanuska Glacier. Alaska

State troopers say the crash happened after Greene drove onto the shoulder and lost control of his bike. He was ejected from the Harley and died at the scene.

As for the Challenge, some of the riders say it hasn't been exactly what they envisioned it to be.  Chris Callen, publisher of Cycle Source told the local television station, "When you get here, in the back of your mind you're thinking, ‘Ah, the whole town's going to be here, and they're going to shoot off fireworks,'" said Christopher Callen of Pittsburgh, Penn. "And I pull in and there are 30 of my other riders and they clap for me -- went inside and had a hot dog."

The organizers promoted the race as a fund raiser to benefit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but with only 500 riders paying $1,000 each to participate, and a purse of $500,000 to be awarded to the winner(s) there isn't any money, other that what sponsors may have provided, to be used on the Reservation.

Race spokesperson Alystar McKenneh told Channel 2 News, "This is America.  The great thing about America is we can critique these things, we can look at these things, we can pick them apart, and the truth of whatever you are doing comes out in the wash and you get to see it -- so it's okay, I'm okay with that."

On an unsigned post on the Hoka Hey Blog, "And if this whole challenge is, like many have said, it is a scam, a fraud, and fake....how is it possible if it has left  most of the men  feeling like a REAL MAN on a journey of a lifetime!  Most people don't even make it out of the states they are born in, these men have traveled a distance only some men can imagine of..... Press on and stay strong you soldiers.... You have been truthful and honorable and have made all of us watching across the world astonished and proud to of known you and the journey you endeavored."

Organizers have said they'll announce the winner and award the prize money at the Sturgis Rally in August.

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  1. Well, if they actually come up with the 500 grand and award it, I’ll be really, really surprised.

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