Bikers Use Bing?

Somehow I can't imagine Wyatt and Billy endorsing a mega corporation like Microsoft, but then again, it's just actors impersonating Fonda and Hopper who played the characters Billy and Wyatt.  The real irony is that when Easyrider debuted, there wasn't a single person on this planet who could've predicted that the movie would one day parodied in a commercial by the most well known corporation in history.  ~ It gives you a whole new way of looking at the day.~  Amen Billy, amen.   

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  1. Counter-culture biker who wanted to be doing his own thing will not use some white-collar help (ie the man). I see the movie as two guys with a big cash score on their way to somewhere else living off whatever comes their way. This makes bikers look like sissified whiners who need help finding their butts. I have done fine (well, by my reckoning) travelling with a map of major roads. If pay phones were still widely available; cellphones would be clutter like a helmet on Wyatt.

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