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  1. My brother bought one of their '04 rsv1000's and has had nothing but problems ever since. These bikes are just great if you have a personal mechanic and thousands of dollarsto waste on repairs. He had to replace the wiring harness, the ignition module and efi, the stator was fused to the crank, the rear brake never worked no matter how many times it was replaced, the clutch needed to be bled constantly, the starter was garbage. On top of that there was no support from any dealerships,no one wanted to stand behind the recalls, the extended warranty wasn't worth the paper it was written on and all in all 60,000 dollars later he traded it for an '04 kawi 636 because it was starting to act up again and the guy who took it was willing to invest the money in it. For some reason. These new RSV4's may be absolutely bulletproof, but you'll never find me spending money on one. We tried contacting the factory directly at the height of our problems with an italian speaking co-worker and were told essentially "Too bad, shouldn't have bought it if you can't afford it." Which is a joke. They should not be selling a half finished motorcycle for 25,000 dollars. On top of that, the factory shuts down for a month every year and no one can get parts! Just a joke and not worth wasting your money on, no matter how many championships they win. Obviously you don't expect japanese reliability from a boutique race bike, but at least you expect some acknowledgement and help sorting out the problems at either the dealership or corporate level.

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