Sorry Fella's, this Garage is For "Ladies Only"

Roswell, GA—Over the past decade, women have increasingly embraced the sport of motorcycling – seeking the freedom and escape associated with an open road, polished chrome and a sweet sounding engine.  Currently 12% of new Harley-Davidson purchasers are women, compared to just 4% in 1990. The Motorcycle Industry Council estimates that one in 10 U.S. motorcyclists is a woman.

But while thousands of women live their lives on the open road, many remain stuck in neutral and unsure where to start, commenting that “I would love to learn how to ride, but …”  To help, Killer Creek Harley-Davidson in Roswell is hosting a free, women-only Garage Party event at their dealership Thursday, July 15th 7:00-9:00pm.  This will be the second Garage Party of the year for KCHD—the last event attracted more than 50 women.

The Harley-Davidson Garage Party event provides an inviting environment for women to learn more about motorcycling and to meet other women who are interested in riding.  Party guests can expect activities that will be both entertaining and informational with topics including a review of the basic motorcycle controls, how to customize a motorcycle’s ergonomics and how to choose proper riding gear.

“Women and men ride for the same reasons – freedom, adventure and individuality…its how they get going that can take a different path,” said Karen Davidson, Creative Director, General Merchandise, Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  “Women tend to spend more time investigating the sport prior to getting involved. Garage Party events give women an interactive way to gather information and have fun doing it.”

Garage Party event attendees are organized into small groups, getting their first taste of the camaraderie that goes along with riding.  Groups will visit informational stations, and between stations, women get the chance to interact with each other, as well as hear from women who are already living their motorcycle dreams.

“Garage Party events give women a no-pressure chance to learn, socialize and ask questions,” added Mandi Harris, Marketing Director at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson.  “As a new rider myself, I’m excited to provide an event for women who are looking for information about getting into the sport but aren’t sure how to do it.”

The women-only Harley-Davidson Garage Party event is free for any woman who is looking to take the next step to get behind the handlebars. Space is limited, so interested women should reserve their spot by calling Mandi Harris at (770) 777-1000.  For more information about Killer Creek Harley-Davidson, go to www.killercreekharley.com.

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