Funny Caption Contest

We received this image from Strip Club Choppers as a part of a recent photo

what's your funniest caption?

shoot.  And while it's obvious the girl has talent, we know our readers and fans will come up with some pretty funny photo captions.  The winner receives a USRN embroidered one-size fits all cap.  Whoo Hooo!

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Web Staff


  1. Didn't you tell me to keep going straight til I see the fork in the road?

  2. Harley’s solution to the Poll-ution, lets all do are part and help!

  3. Close yer legs,bitch.Yer attractin’ flies.

  4. “(She does this at every stoplight. Showoff…)….HONEY will you just SIT DOWN ’til we get to the club?!!!!”

  5. Beats the Hell out of those little tassley-fringey things hanging from the handlebars!

  6. The Strip Pole Landspeed Record was set today by Miss Cherry Forever in the Bagger Class….. Film @ 11:00

  7. So Harley finally come out with the POLETAIL! I”M IN!

  8. …and in late breaking news from the Olympic Commitee, they have just added Harley Pole vaulting for the 2010 Summer Games to boost ratings

  9. I’ve always hated “apehangers”, but these Stripperhangers are awesome!


    …huh, I always thought a “stripper” model meant no options, whoda thunk!

  10. “My biggest problem is keeping my tips from blowing away!”

  11. There’s more than one way to ride American Steel

  12. Told you I had a Harley…………and a pole big enough to swing on

  13. Field testing of the new upgraded radio antenna has delayed delivery of the new Thunder Chop 1200. "We have had some issues with vibration testing that have, uh….delayed our progress", says head engineer Vito DePolo. "We are working hard into the night to resolve the issues."

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