AMA Dragbike Ceases Operations

[facebook_ilike] Effectively immediately, AMA Dragbike will cease operations indefinitely. Regretfully, today’s economic climate, rising costs and decreasing revenue makes it fiscally irresponsible to continue doing business. The final details are being worked out at this time.

"Motorcycle Drag Racing has been a passion for both of us for many years and we have given all of ourselves to this sport," said Brandi Neithamer, Vice President of AMA Dragbike. "We knew this year would be very difficult given the economic conditions but we never anticipated it would go downhill so quickly. Scott and I have a tough road ahead of us to close the business, and we hope to receive the support of the community during this difficult time."

"If there are any parties interested in starting another sanction that will carry on the professional level and values of AMA Dragbike, please feel free to contact us," she continued. "We will do everything in our power to help you succeed."

AMA Dragbike would like to thank all the racers, sponsors and fans that have helped support the organization (formerly AMA Prostar) over the last 21 years. We have always strived to hold safe, fair and exciting racing events, and we appreciate all that have helped us achieve that goal.

Best wishes to all in our racing community,

Scott Valetti
Brandi Neithamer
AMA Dragbike

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