Pee-wee Herman Heads to Sturgis En Route to Broadway!

Pee Wee and the Big Adventure in Sturgis

Pee-wee Herman Embarks on a BIG NEW ADVENTURE at the Legendary Buffalo Chip during the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Legendary Buffalo Chip®, S.D. (May 25, 2010) – This past winter in Los Angeles, Pee-wee Herman came back to life with a stunning new production of “The Pee-wee Herman Show” that met with rave reviews by critics and fans of all ages. Now, Pee-wee and many of the original “Playhouse” gang are getting ready to hit “The Great White Way” this fall bringing the hit show to Broadway at The Stephen Sondheim Theatre for a ten week run beginning October 26, 2010. And, with new movies in the works and a brand new role in the SMURFS- it’s no wonder Pee-wee has decided to first have some fun in Sturgis at The Legendary Buffalo Chip®.

Pee-wee’s visit on August 8th & 9th will officially kick off The Chip’s festivities during the 70th Annual Sturgis Rally in South Dakota where estimated attendance is over 650,000 riders. Rod “Woody” Woodruff, owner of the Legendary Buffalo ChipTM, just can’t stop smiling at the prospect.  “When I heard Pee-wee loves bikers and wants to join our party, I go so excited- the laughter had tears running down my face!  I loved “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and that classic scene at the biker bar, and I’m still laughing at Pee-wee trying to ride that bike into the sunset.  I just knew instantly that having Pee-wee at a real biker party presented a once in a lifetime experience for many of the hundreds of thousands of riders who will pass through the gates of The Buffalo Chip this summer.”

Pee-wee is pretty excited too. “Before I made Big Adventure I didn’t know much about bikers. During the filming of that movie I realized that bike enthusiasts are freedom-loving Americans with hearts of gold-- and sometimes a lot of tattoos and leather! I am really excited about going to Sturgis and making lots of new friends at The Buffalo Chip. I mean, The LEGENDARY Buffalo Chip®.

Pee-wee’s not attending just for the party, however.  He has generously offered to hang out with his fans, sign autographs and help raise money for various charities in South Dakota: The Black Hills Children’s Home Society, Kids & Chrome Foundation, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame.

When Pee-first arrives at The Chip, he will be presented with a NEW RIDE at the Kid’s & Chrome Reception. From there, Pee-wee will use his new bicycle to “Captain” the Chip’s Annual star-studded Legends Charity Ride from Deadwood to The Buffalo Chip.

Woodruff said Pee-wee won’t be arriving alone, but will be accompanied by a television crew to record and post some of the spontaneous hilarity that will ensue while having Pee-wee at the Best Party Anywhere™. Woodruff said Pee-wee has asked the Chip’s campers to participate in “Pee-wee’s New Big Adventure at the Legendary Buffalo Chip”, which Woodruff believes this should be a lot of fun for the Chip’s campers.

Those “real” biker men and women over the age of 21 who’d be like to be recorded with Pee-wee during his stay at the Buffalo Chip may apply online at buffalochip.com Woodruff said pre-qualified applicants will be selected and notified to appear for a final audition at the Chip where Pee-wee Herman will hand pick the lucky winners himself!

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    A Not-So-Satirical Commentary on the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
    Copyright (c) 2010 Bruce Arnold. Republication with attribution permitted.

    “I never give’em Hell. I just tell the Truth and they think it’s Hell.”–Harry S. Truman

    SATURDAY (14 August 2010) marked the end of 15 days and 5,790 miles in the saddle for DP, Hidalgo and me. We rode the first 1,515 miles from Miami Beach FL to Wichita Falls TX in 35 hours 35 minutes, qualifying for what should be certified as my 51st Iron Butt ride:


    The next 1,540 miles took us west across stretches of Route 66 in Texas and New Mexico, then north through the awe-inspiring peaks and valleys of the Colorado Rockies, and finally northeast across Wyoming to Sundance (where the Kid got his name), our home base for the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally:


    After spending four enjoyable days cruising 455 leisurely miles through the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming, we rode back to SoBe by a shorter 2,280 mile route that took us through the less-inspiring but somehow more inviting ridges and gaps of the Smokies:


    For the first time since 2005, I made it all the way to Sturgis and back without being arrested under a false pretense, getting ticketed for defying an unjust mandate, or having to rush a heat-stricken rider 30 miles to an emergency room. In fact, our greatest misfortune this year was a lack of cell phone service: ATT may cover “97% of Americans”, but they sure as Hell don’t cover 97% of America. 97% of the time my ATT phone was a worthless pocket weight, so I am 97% sure I’ll be replacing ATT with Verizon. Anyway… I’ll share more details about “the Ride” in future installments, but first a disdain for political correctness coupled with deplorable anger management compells me to convey the following commentary regarding “the Rally”:

    The commercial exploitation and pussification of the American Biker was as open and obvious at this year’s “Black Hills Trailer Classic” as is the ongoing perversion of patriotism, needless sacrifice of our sons and daughters, and greedy sacking of our treasury, pensions and savings by the Republocratic puppets on the payroll of “Washington, Inc.” and their Kleptocratic masters pulling all strings left and right from Manhattan. “No Colors or Weapons Allowed Inside” signs pervaded business establishments along Main and Lazelle in Sturgis proper, making clear their intent to strip us of our culture as they take away our cash. I ignored them as I always do, but this year the Case 286 sheathed on my belt actually got me summarily uninvited from two “biker-friendly” bars that will receive no free press here.

    Meanwhile, just down the road at the Buffalo Chip–owned and operated by Belle Fourche attorney Rod Woodruff–throngs of both motorcyclists (those who rode) and trailerists (those who towed) wearing shiny new Hot Leathers vests adorned with just-purchased pins and freshly-sewn patches that say something but mean nothing (ok, been there) mindlessly welcomed registered sex offender and alleged child pornographer Paul Reubens a.k.a. “Pee Wee Herman” [ see http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/4563512 ] to the stage. As biker-bucks barrister Woodruff put it, “Bob Dylan is here because people like him, and Pee Wee is here for the same reason: They are both American icons.”



    Declaring a public peter pumper like Pee Wee Herman to be an “American icon” comparable to one of the greatest folk/protest singer/songwriters of our time is an absurdity, an outrage and an insult to our biker culture. But I can understand why Woodruff would take that position. The Buffalo Chip is, after all, aptly named. As is often the case with fabrications found in the bikers’ rights arena, the Chip exists ostensibly to serve and benefit bikers but effectively to line the pockets of a lawyer. So naturally we can expect that shyster–like any shyster–to say whatever he deems necessary to keep the cash coming his way. What I cannot fathom, however, is why thousands of “bikers” were tripping over themselves to buy Pee Wee Herman t-shirts and dolls, and hundreds even signed up to ride with the sick bastard:


    Even worse, for a children’s charity like Kids and Chrome to stage a meet-and-greet with an accused kiddie porn collector as a fundraiser simply defies comprehension:


    Given Rod Woodruff’s inexcusably perverse but undoubtedly profitable promotion of Pee Wee Herman this year, some are expecting the Chip’s 2011 headliners to include Drop Dead Fred or Boy George, but my money’s on Beverly Hills toilet troubadour George Michael. No matter, though. Barring their resurrection of Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan, I’ll continue spending my hard-earned biker bucks at the Gold Pan in Custer, the Ponderosa in Hulett, the Dime Horseshoe in Sundance, the National 9 Lariat in Gillette, and the many beckoning Black Hills hideaways where our biker culture is honored and not exploited, our Constitutional right to bear arms is respected and not restricted, and “Welcome Bikers” is a sincere greeting rather than a rubber worm.

    Read more here:



    Bruce Arnold is … a record-holding long distance motorcycle rider … a bikers’ rights activist, forum partner to RC and proud member of The 100 … a political agitator targeting social injustice and piercing the veil of our two-puppet system to expose the institutionalized greed of the Kleptocracy pulling all strings Left and Right … like Thomas Jefferson, an aficionado of ethnic aesthetic and a philosophical anarchist who accepts the State as a necessary evil under which the best government is less government.

    Bruce@LdrLongDistanceRider.com | 1348 Washington Ave. #312 | Miami Beach FL 33139

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